We are all energetic beings and have come to earth at this time to help heal the planet. Some of us have forgotten why we are here. Doing personal work to clarify and integrate past beliefs, emotions and situations enables us to work through our energy body to a more fulfilling life.

Energy Healing

Chakra Balancing

Our chakra system is part of our energy body. We transmit and receive energy through these energy centers. We develop blocks in these chakras when we have beliefs about ourselves and others that keep us from expanding our consciousness. Your chakras are never closed if you are alive and function with varying degrees of openness. When we work to clear past beliefs that do not serve our highest good, our chakras will function more effectively. Energy work is called many things including Reiki, Bio-Energy, and Therapeutic Touch. Energy is passed through the facilitator to the client to help clear and move blocked energy and debris from the energy body. Dr. Clench offers this service as part of her work to help individuals become more aware and expand their consciousness.

For more information or to schedule a session, please email Dr. Clench at drmargaretclench@gmail.com or call her at 214-754-8080. Sessions are $125 per hour.