The light within you is sufficient. It alone has power to give the gift of sight to you. — A Course in Miracles

Intuitive Spiritual Counseling

Dr. Clench offers intuitive spiritual counseling to help individuals move forward in their lives with a deeper understanding and clarity regarding their beliefs, feelings and behaviors. Through clairvoyant sight, clairaudient hearing, claircognizant knowing and clairsentient feeling, she is able to view the energy around certain relationships and situations.

Dr. Clench offers support to help the individual heal emotionally and spiritually. The insights gained by the client enable them to become more aware, mindful, peaceful and happy on their journey to expanded consciousness.

For more information or to schedule a session, please email Dr. Clench at or call her at 214-754-8080. Sessions are $125 per hour.


Dr. Clench has helped me learn that I don’t have to live an okay life. It can be richer, happier and more fulfilling. I don’t need to settle. – – Ann
I feel that Dr. Clench has helped me to remember the need to reconnect to spirit, to own that connection, to release the huge walls, the fortress, I have erected around my heart. – – Lisa