Soul Detective

Dr. Clench is certified by Dr. Barbara Stone as a Soul Detective® practitioner. Dr. Stone created the Soul Detective® approach to promote emotional well-being by using tools from the new field of Energy Psychology to find and clear emotional disturbances. This process, as described by Dr. Stone, is getting to the “invisible roots” of one’s life challenges and “healing past life trauma to liberate your present.” Traumas, phobias, and destructive patterns that interfere with our enjoyment of life, have a root cause, be it from this life time or a past life, or due to ancestral wounds, energetic cord attachments, vows, earthbound spirit attachments, detrimental energies, soul loss, etc. Using the diagnostic procedure of Applied Kinesiology, commonly known as “muscle testing,” a Soul Detective® practitioner, together with the client, zero in on the root cause of a client’s distress or discomfort. When a cause is discovered (there may be several layers or aspects to an issue), certain protocols or approaches (meridian tapping sequences, vow renunciations, past life resolutions, helping an earthbound spirit to move on, etc.) are employed to neutralize the effects of the interference. In addition to the Soul Detective® approach, Dr. Clench draws on her background as a clairvoyant medium and energy healer to thoroughly address a client’s needs. A series of sessions may be necessary depending on the complexity of the issues. For more information on the Soul Detective® approach, please refer to Dr. Stone’s website:

Determine, then, to be not as you were.


Use no relationship to hold you to the past,


but with each one, each day, be born again.


— A Course In Miracles

For more information or to schedule a session, please email Dr. Clench at or call her at 214-754-8080. Sessions
are $125 per hour.


I have learned so much about my multi-dimensional self. My awareness regarding vows I have taken in past lives and how they stayed with me in this life was very profound. Releasing them was a tremendous relief to me. – – Vicke