We are each born with a Sacred Contract, an agreement to learn certain lessons and develop wisdom in this lifetime. — Caroline Myss

Sacred Contracts

Dr. Clench has been certified by Dr. Caroline Myss, author of Sacred Contracts, to teach this exciting and insightful technique of archetypal understanding. Archetypes are energy guides to help us fulfill the terms of our sacred contracts. These archetypes are allies forming a foundation for our personality, drives, feelings, motivations, actions and beliefs. Through classes or counseling sessions, Dr. Clench works with individuals and couples to help them understand the primary archetypes that we all share — the child, victim, prostitute and saboteur — and choose the eight other archetypes that make up the natal chart. Through becoming familiar with his or her own archetypal patterns, an individual is able to view the world through an archetypal lens. The benefits of this process are increased personal clarity allowing for healthy emotional detachment, a decrease in judgment and a lessening of power struggles.


Classes are being offered to introduce participants to their sacred contracts and their support system of archetypes. Participants will use this information to develop a deeper understanding of personal issues and as guidance for personal growth. The Sacred Contracts workshops are a six-week study group that will meet one night a week for two hours.

In Part I, Dr. Clench will work with the participants to help them understand their primary archetypes, which include the child, victim, prostitute and saboteur plus an additional eight archetypes that will be chosen through self-reflection on lifelong patterns. Throughout the six weeks, the study group will work together to develop understanding and awareness of their archetypes and cast several archetypal wheels.

During Part II, participants will learn more about their archetypes and their influence on the archetypal wheels including the axis powers of the twelve houses, the triangular relationships of the houses and clustering. In addition, Dr. Clench will help individuals recognize Kairos-helper and Cosmic-divine archetypes that are available to aid in spiritual growth and increased awareness.

For more information on classes, please refer to the Spiritual Growth Seminars page.


Archetypal Counseling

Dr. Clench will work with the client to determine and understand their personal archetypes and to introduce the client to their sacred contracts. Dr. Clench will interpret the natal chart to help the client expand their understanding of themselves and their relationships with others. Other sessions with a focus on finances, relationships, career, and other topics may be scheduled after the initial natal chart has been done.

For more information or to schedule a session, please email Dr. Clench at drmargaretclench@gmail.com or call her at 214-754-8080. Sessions
are $125 per hour.


I am learning so much more about myself and my unconscious behaviors. – – Linda
This has given me back some of the hope I had lost. – – Lisa