The Trinity Table

The Trinity Table®.

The Trinity Table® is an experiential medium for profound relaxation, spiritual and emotional healing, and expansion of consciousness. Through its gentle counterclockwise rotation and rocking movement, the Trinity Table® clears excess energy from the chakras. This results in an individual’s releasing physical and emotional stress allowing for greater clarity and increased insight.

The Trinity Table® is experienced in a darkened room surrounded by music chosen with the individual’s intention specifically in mind. The movement and sound release energetic blockages as one’s natural flow of energy is balanced and restored. Many have opened their hearts to universal love, increased their creativity and intuition, and clarified their life’s intention.

Profound spiritual growth experiences may occur while utilizing the Trinity Table®. These include visitations, a sense of deep knowing and oneness with the universe. Individuals frequently recognize a deeper level of integration of their personal healing work through the use of the Trinity Table®.

The Trinity Table


Scientific research has been conducted on the Trinity Table®. This research found many positive physical, emotional and spiritual effects from the experience. For more information, click here.


Here is what some people have said who experienced the Trinity Table®:

  • “I was deeply relaxed and filled with a sense of peace and joy.”
  • “I am feeling so much joy, expansion, safety and serenity. I feel I am ready to really flower into who I am. All sense of struggle is gone and there is a deep feeling of solidarity.”
  • “I felt protected and loved and could move forward through my life transition knowing I was not alone.”

Frequently Asked Questions.

1. What might I experience on the Trinity Table®?

Most individuals experience deep relaxation and a sense of peaceful rejuvenation which may continue for several days. Energetic shifts may be experienced resulting in a higher level of mind-body-spirit balance. Many people experience feelings of unity and oneness, increased heart expansion and awareness, spontaneous past life regression, meetings with angels and guides, or visitations with deceased loved ones. Individuals may also experience a release from physical or emotional pain and a heightened state of awareness and clarity.

2. Will the lights be turned off?

The lights are turned off to avoid visual distractions. If you would like the lights turned low, communicate this to your facilitator.

3. Will I be alone in the room?

For your initial Trinity Table® experience, a facilitator will remain in the room with you. If you wish to be alone in the Table room for subsequent experiences, please discuss this with your facilitator.

4. Is the Trinity Table® comfortable?

Yes, the Trinity Table® is covered with a cushion, and pillows and blankets are used to make your experience comfortable.

5. How does the Trinity Table® work?

The Trinity Table® is handmade of wood and is hydraulically driven. It provides a gentle rocking motion and slow rotation, which produces a womb-like experience. The table rotates at a speed of approximately four rotations a minute. Normally, dizziness is not experienced.

6. Do I need to do anything to prepare?

It is suggested to eat lightly, reduce your caffeine intake prior to your experience and to wear comfortable clothing. It is helpful to reflect on your intention for this experience and discuss this intention with your facilitator prior to experiencing the table.

7. How may I share my Trinity Table® experience?

It can be a particularly rich experience to share your Trinity Table® experience with others. One possibility is arranging a group ride experience. In this case, each participant will experience the Trinity Table® for 15-20 minutes remaining in the room while the other members of the group also ride the Trinity Table®. This grouping allows for a building of energy in the room to be enjoyed by all members of the group. It is also fine for you to have a loved one in the room with you while you experience the Trinity Table®. It will be that individual’s responsibility to sit quietly and send loving thoughts to you during your ride.

8. How often should I ride the Trinity Table®?

While experiences vary with each individual, many people find that three or four Trinity Table® experiences spaced closely together enhances the full benefit of the Trinity Table®. Additionally, periodic experiences are helpful as you intuitively feel a need to come back for energetic balancing for clarity of mind and heart.

9. Why is setting an intention so important?

Setting an intention allows you to focus your thoughts and your energies on what is most important to your own personal healing and clarity at the time of your Trinity Table® experience.

10. I sometimes get nervous when experiencing new things. Is there anything I can do to help me be more relaxed about experiencing the Trinity Table®?

Yes, there are many things you may do. Discuss any concerns you have with your facilitator while making the appointment or upon arriving for your session. Have all your questions addressed. Ask for any changes in the room that you may need for your comfort. For example, you may choose to have a low light on or may ask to use an eye pillow. Breathe slowly and deeply as the Trinity Table® begins its slow rotation. Notice any thoughts you have and let them go. Any residual nervousness will disappear within a few minutes of beginning your experience.

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